Apple's Strategic Analysis

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Apple's actions and commitments should be combined and synchronized to exploit Apple’s strengths, core competencies, its competitive advantage, and should maximize value. The analysis reveals that, to maintain strategic success, Apple will have to remain obsessively protective of their brand image and effectively invest in Apple’s competitive advantages in marketing and innovation. Some recommendations for aiding Apple is to: invest in Development and Research, Apple should try to stay ahead of the game by being pioneers and not imitators in the technology market. Apple should consider revisiting their blue ocean strategy. Apple future is dependent upon the current blue ocean strategy that needs overhauling. Apple is heavily dependent upon…show more content…
Target Market Recommendations: Based on the analysis Apple needs to establish a better customer relationship. Apple should consider expanding and broadening the network distribution to reach more of its targeted customers. Apple should provide the customers with the best sales support and best post-sales support as possible. This will help increase penetration of the market. Apple should adopt the strategy such as enabling targeted customers to have customer status such as silver, gold, and platinum members. Customers will feel valued and want to remain loyal. Apple’s retail stores give Apple a pretty unique chance to learn and get to know its customers on. Apple should consider sending out surveys to its customers to get a feel for what they would like. Recommendation in global development. In order for Apple to be successful Apple needs to establish themselves global in areas that networking is minimal. As apple grows and reaches other markets Apple should really consider evaluating and learning the preferences of the global customers to ensure they are offering the products the consumers are willing to pay for. Apple does not need to be manufacturing products the consumer has no desire to…show more content…
Apple must have a strong minded, talented team to deal with issues as they arise. Tim Cook’s leadership has proven to be successful thus far. Filling Steve Job’s shoes will not be an easy task. In evaluating the company’s performance and financial standing, the company seems to be doing well under the new leadership. Apple must continuously review their financial standing against forecasted demand to ensure they will be successful. Apple also needs to review their past financial statement to monitor and counter trends. In conclusion, overall Apple has a great standing financial and a pretty decent market share. Although investors are somewhat hesitant and skeptical about Apple future. Tim Cook believe he can continue to make the company profitable. Apple is currently expanding in presence in different markets where it is hasn’t any presence nor the competitor. If Apple adhere to the recommendation, it is thought that Apple will be financially stable and will be able to put investors mind at

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