Apple Inc.: Operation Management Process Of Apple

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Introduction Design of service and product is important as customer satisfaction is based on it. Hence, the decisions are taken based on the effect of the operations and the success of the organisation. Planning of capacity and the selection of process affects the product system ability for customer satisfaction and deforming. Various responsibilities and activities of service and product design are to transform the needs of the customers into a final product, refining the present services and products; create new services or product and devise quality services and products. In this report, a new product idea has been devised and is detailed with the description of the selected firm. (Falcis, 2012) About the Company-Apple Inc The company considered…show more content…
Those ten decisions relate to the aspects of quality management, location strategy, product design, capacity design and process. Operation Management’s decision areas are as follows. Goods and Service Design: Number of officials and organisational components are responsible for handling the product design. For instance, production and development of Macs, are in the hands of Senior VP of Mac software and Hardware…show more content…
The company is known for its continuous innovations in technology and products. Entering into new product strains ex: - Laptops to iPad and iPhone. The company consist of appropriate community for distribution that globally makes its merchandise that are present in stores and online. On analysing the competitors, its found that Apple iOS is found to be a leader. Apple has good marketing and branding with the help of TVs, online classified ads, billboard and print media. The company has strong emblem legacy with the fact of inception in 1976. Weakness: The Company’s presence in the B2B market is less compared to the competitors such as HP and Dell. It mainly concentrates on B2C. Hence it loses a large market chunk. It has more rigid ecosystem compared with other ecosystems of mobile. Opportunities: The Company can move into other media or computer products which are not well served. Apple Inc can initiate the strategic alliance in technologies. The company could enter the gaming market to compete with Xbox One and PS4. People With the growth in the call for of Online Products people want extra online music and content, and Apple is tapping this marketplace through bringing revolutionary products so that it may lead the

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