How To Wear A Perfect Suit Essay

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FITTED SUITS A good Dressing sense makes a complete man towards this combative world. By the outlook of a man he can be judged as well. The main objective for wearing the suit is to beautify the men’s physique and robustness. The human psychology says that “A perfectly fitted suit increases the spirit and confidence level”. The suit which suits you will never back down you at any time. A complete man is said to be complete only after a suit fits him gently. Clothes do not make a man complete but when he made it the clothes improvise his outlook to the extent. This fitted suit also had a remarkable past which stands before the men from 19th century. These suits are named as Italian suits or slim fits. Nearly 75 years of our depicted pasts…show more content…
Face upright with a relaxed walk and check some different posture that suits you better. Color of the tie should be selected according to your suit. The tie should be matched with the suit you are wearing. The tie alone should not be looked good but along with the suit. Tie should reach the tip of your belt not exceeding or curtailed before the belt. The belt should be same as the color of the shoes. Following these steps make you glow among the people around you. SOME STEPS TO SELECT A BEST SUIT Some of the men find difficulty in selecting a perfect suit which suits them better. There are some steps to choose a perfect suit for a perfect flattering. If you are “tall and slender” just go for a mass fabric to increase some bulky outlook whereas slight fabric seems like swaying on your body. • Choose single buttoned suit which looks simply elegant than two buttoned suit. • The light colors make you appear little more bulky. If you are “too heavy or muscular” go ahead for a lighter one which suits you better for a slim look. • You can choose two buttoned suit which is suitable for all body types which ensures the excellent outer look. • For bolder look choose wise patterns like small checks and vertical

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