Essay On Smoking On Teenagers

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E-CIG EPIDEMIC TARGETS TEENS: THE THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW! From peer pressure and celebrity influences, to being targeted by new technological devices, our teens are being tackled by the pressures of society from all sides. As a result the youth of today are involved in high risk health behaviours. An example of this is seen with the nation’s latest craze, e-cigarettes. With billions sold every year despite the unknown health effects, it seems the e-cig epidemic has caught a hold of the nation. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that smoking is one of the top ten health risk behaviours globally with 4.9 million people dying each year from smoking-related diseases (WHO, 2002). However these statistics are becoming of little benefit…show more content…
Parents who smoke portray a positive outlook to smoking and reduce ones awareness of risk leading them to take action when influenced by siblings and friends. Research suggests tobacco use, among students with family members who smoke were higher than those whose family members do not smoke. • Peer pressure Peer pressure is one of the most common reasons for smoking. Research proposed that boys were not likely to smoke E- cigarettes if their friends were smoking them, compared to girls. However research suggested findings can be biased as a result of social status. • Advertisement and Media Influence Media influence has played a huge role in targeting our teens. The use of Vibrant advertisements that flaunt candy like flavours such as bubble gum and celebrities and models emphasising their use of E-cigarettes as a safe, pleasant, fashionable alternative to tobacco cigarettes specifically aim at adolescents. The top method of communicating information on e-cigarettes is the internet. Other frequent communication routes include friend’s television, books, teachers, athletes, parents, and
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