Persuasive Essay On Astronauts

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Mars is a dangerous and inhospitable planet with severe temperature drops, toxic soil, non-breathable air, low gravity, ionizing radiation and large dust storms. Astronauts will have to face the problems of isolation and boredom along with the harsh environment. Living on Mars will be challenging and will push the human body to its limit both mentally and physically. They will be provided with a large electrically powered rover for transportation of cargo, along with a radio satellite for communication between Mars and Earth. Along with that, any machines and resources will be brought down and ready to install as soon as possible. However since the construction and sustainability of the habitat won’t be instant, the astronauts will have a small…show more content…
They will be provided with whatever other tools they need, such as advanced spectrometers to study compositions of rock and soil samples or a Chemcam to study the elemental composition of vaporized minerals. Astronauts will also have access to environmental monitoring stations, which will tell them information about wind speed, atmospheric pressure, and the ability to monitor UV radiation. To solve the problem of producing food, all astronauts will have basic knowledge of botany, coming to mars with knowledge of how to grow and cultivate food. The astronauts will be equipped with an array healthy vegetable and fruits such as (and not limited to): lettuce (of various kinds except iceberg, as iceberg lettuce is less nutritious than other varieties), spinach, broccoli, carrots, beets, potatoes, strawberries, and various herbs and spices. The astronauts will grow these foods using hydroponic technologies. To feed the plants he astronauts will need to make a nutrient solution to feed the plants, they will get most of these nutrients from the martian soil and ice. Astronauts will use special high intensity discharge grow lamps as a replacement for sunlight

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