Apple Computer Inc Case Study

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In 1976, Apple Computer Inc. was created and founded by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. At the time, they were both college dropouts in their early twenties with a mission of crafting a personal computer that everyone could use, regardless of their age or sex. With funds being scarce, Wozniak and Jobs brought their idea to life by creating the first Apple computer in the garage of Steve Jobs parents' house located in Cupertino, California. Wozniak and Jobs created a set of innovation skills that would eventually change the world through technology. By the time the 1980's ended, they made over a hundred million dollars' worth of revenue and since then have become one of the most effective technical companies known to man. Jobs and Wozniak couldn't…show more content…
In the early phases of the PC life-cycle, the industry began to expand causing an increase in entry and exit rates. As more entrants wanted a part of the industry, the dispute for recognition in retails store become forceful. With the venture capital being relatively high in the United States, by the time the 1980's came, firms were putting copyrights on their technical features because they wanted to remain unique and different from the others in the market. As the barriers of entry into the personal computer industry is low in relation to cost, the risk is exceptionally high. As a result of the profit margin being low, most new firms wouldn't take that chance to make a new entry into the market. IBM made a huge impact on the industry in the 1980's when it created a PC where you can access their specifications with ease. This changed the game by creating an open system because it allowed customers to combine the hardware and software of different competitors (Yoffie 1992). Competition between the top firms continued to intensify as they decrease the price of their products. . The three main brands that took over the 1980's include IBM, Compaq, and Apple. Personal computer firms relay on five main parts: the microprocessors, mother board, memory, hard disk, and terminals. Without these five things, you cannot successful…show more content…
With an increase in demand for cost efficient and high-quality products, apple has become a household name based off the quality of their products and by making its products user friendly. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to put your pride aside to better you or your company and that's what Apple did. Apple came to conclusion that in order to make a high-quality product, it requires linking up with other firms to create the best product. As technology continues to progress, there are no limitation on what Apple can do. Apple continues to keep people wondering what great thing will they do

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