The Importance Of Quality Journalism

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Journalism is a process in which a reporter seeking information and verify by storytelling to make a subject newsworthy. In the face of deepening global crisis such as economic recession, terrorism, poverty and so on, there is a greater need for qualities journalism to break down the wall of prejudice, ignorance and for media to be the watchdog for government (Ryfe, 2009). Quality journalism transforms the world by speaking the truth that involves engaging language. Journalists cannot always guarantee the truth, but getting the facts rights is the cardinal rule for journalism. Nothing should be hidden of self-interest or bias however unfortunate the information, there is a responsibility to the public to show the transparency. Taking for an example, the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak has been at the center of attention of the 1MDB scandal since The Wall Street Journal reported that hundreds of millions of dollars flowed into his personal account. However, the claim report from The Wall Street Journal has been labeled as lies by the Prime Minister Najib Razak’s press aide. Mustapha Kamil, the former group editor of New Straits…show more content…
Journalists must balance what readers know they want and what they cannot anticipate but need to know. In short, they must strive to make significant interesting and relevant. Their piece must be engaging and grab the attention from citizens by underlying truths that can only revealed by rigorous research and good understanding of the issues. England national football manager, Sam Allardyce was sacked after being exposed by The Daily Telegraph newspapers disclosures that he used his position to negotiate a £400, 000 deal with a fictitious Far Eastern firm in an undercover sting in the England football. There is a clear public interest justification in knowing that the England football manager employed by the Football Association is offering advice on how to circumvent its

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