Disadvantages Of A Open Office

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I decided to look at alternative options of electronically filing my paperwork to make it more accessible, before I did this I had to consider the below factors: • What information needs to be stored • Who needs access to the file • How the information is to be stored • Create one main folder with subcategories for easy referencing and must be stored in the logical manner and referenced numerically or alphabetically, by month or supplier name. • Filing electronically will enable us to back up old files to an archive folder • Will be more environmentally friendly as it reduces paper usage and saves time having to photocopy documentation. New Engineering Folder…show more content…
One of the biggest challenges for me designing an office layout is that I prefer a closed office space over a more modern open office style. Some disadvantages to an open office environment are • No privacy • Open plan is often noisier which means more distractions • These spaces can’t be locked to provide security for documents and personal items when the offices are not in use. • Unable to control space, heating and lighting to suit different people. • There may be conflicts in the workplace when a lots of staff work together in the same office. The main Advantages of a private office: Privacy In an enclosed office space I can enjoy complete privacy. I do not have to leave the room to make a telephone call or to have an impromptu conversation with another colleague and I can personalise my workspace to make it a little more user
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