Advantages Of M-Commerce

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- Define scope of M-Commerce and associated details like acceptance of m-contracts etc. - Details on domain name registration - Ensure Network and information security - Content Regulation - User Data Protection - Consumer protection and privacy - Intellectual Property Rights - Regulations on M-banking and M-payments like licenses to provide financial services, security of mobile transactions, standards on protocols and equipment used and security features built in them etc. - Duties and Taxation laws for mobile enabled business - Dispute settlement Mechanism - Cyber crimes including fraud, forgery, misuse of content etc. in m-domain. Advantages of m-commerce M-Commerce has many advantages associated with it such as reduced transaction costs,…show more content…
The m-commerce's ubiquity and authentication methods have the potential to reveal more personal related information, like user's location, device serial number, integrated circuit card identifier (ICCID, stored in the SIM cards and also engraved or printed on the SIM card), international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI, which can identify a user internationally), social relationships, life style, preferences or behavior patterns. An iPhone screen shows what identity-related information could be collected .What is worse is that these pieces of identity information could be collected anytime and anywhere with or without consumer's consent. An iPhone could send location information automatically back to Apple; and location information can be automatically sent back to Google. The potential to collect these pieces of personal related information, plus other features of m-commerce such as immediacy, instant connectivity and location-aware, is a double-edged sword: on one hand, this means a gold opportunity to m-commerce vendors or marketers to offer more effective mobile service or precise target marketing to make profits; on the other hand, this also represents an ultimate challenge to consumers' information privacy in the context of m-commerce. Some researchers have argued that the mobile Internet…show more content…
Smartphones by nature are inherently less secure than their wired desktop or laptop computers, due in part to their limited bandwidth, memory, and processing capabilities which make conventional data encryption and security software not suitable to be installed on smartphones than on desktop computers. Mobile devices send and receive data through open air space where anyone with the right technology can intercept it. Although some encryption technologies are available, they are not always properly configured by the wireless network providers or owners. In addition, all smartphones are exposed to Wi-Fi networks. This means that m-commerce consumers will be subjected to multiple network security vulnerability challenges. Recently, an Android application called Anti could turn Android OS based smartphones into mobile hacking machines .This application offers a WiFi scanning tool for finding the open networks and showing all potential target devices on those networks. Once a target is successfully identified, further actions can be taken to eavesdrop or attack on local

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