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1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Addy Mamphs is a partnership soon to be incorporated under the Incorporated Private Partnership Act (1962 Act 152) and established in Akosombo. A mall is a large building or series of connected buildings containing variety of retail stores (Hauer, 2011). Malls are large enclosed spaces that are often characterized with many stores that sell shopping merchandise to the public (Hauer, 2011). The merchandise is organized into an organized aisle or passageway format, where each aisle is numbered or labeled and has only similar goods placed together .Malls can be medium to large in size depending on the construction and the number of stores that it wants to hold. It differs from a supermarket such that supermarkets are large…show more content…
To this end, Addy Mamphs will target the students of Akosombo, the niche of bankers (Zenith Bank, GCB, 2A’s Micro-Finance), the workers of the following companies VRA, Gridco, Akosombo Textiles Limited, Volta Lake, the Hospital, Maritime, the Volta Hotel, the International School and others living in and around Akosombo Township. These groups of people have very busy schedules and are often too time-constrained to personally do their laundry. Besides, they are too busy to search for groceries, clothing, or beauty…show more content…
A best cost provider’s competitive advantage comes from matching close rivals on key product attributes and beating them on price (Thompson& Strickland III, 1998). The mall’s services will be differentiated by professionalism, trustworthiness, and efficiency, while its sale of groceries and clothing (long-sleeve shirts, ties and traditional wears) will be by the penetration pricing (a low introduction pricing). Our differentiated customer service will be accomplished through intensive training programs that employees will be taken through to equip them with the knowledge and skills required to perform outstanding customer services delivery. Besides, employees in the laundry and beauty clinic (hairdressing and barbering saloon) will be trained on how to use modern and sophisticated equipment such as the SC890 Chamber Vacuum Cleaners and commercial washing machines. In other to beat our competitors on price, Addy Mamphs will deal directly with manufacturers for supplies. These manufacturers include Nestle GH Ltd, UNILEVER, PZ CUSSON and Cadbury Co. Ltd, Akosombo Textiles Ltd. To exude an image of professionalism, our employees will wear company-customized uniforms; at the same time, this will serve as one of our publicity tools. Addy Mamphs’ marketing strategies include intensive and extensive radio and television advertisements, distribution of business cards and flyers at strategic location

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