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About Jose San Martin Jose San Martin was one of the Latin American liberators. He was the leader of Argentina, Chile, and Peru as they revolted against the Spanish rule in the area. San Martin was a military ruler. He was born in 1778 and died in 1850. Chile attained its independence in 1818, Argentina, 1812 and Peru, 1821 (Metford 30). Most of his tactics involved boldness and patience along with military tactics. He lived at a time when most of the people in America who were well educated were Creoles. In fact, some of them had gone to Europe to further their studies. Despite being quite significant to the liberation of the Latin Americans, he was not always known historically. In fact, some people today call him the quiet Liberator because…show more content…
Argentina was the first country to gain independence out of the three countries he led (W., Del Testa 167). The Spanish rule was still in modern-day Peru and Chile. San Martin and Bolivar met and agreed to liberate the country. How theycome to the agreement is not clear. What is well known is that San Martin gave Bolivar his army for him to rule. Bolivar, with the help of San Martin’s army then brought independence to these countries. Out of these three countries liberated from Spanish rule, Argentina and Peru seem to recognize San Martin the most. In Chile, Bolivar is hailed as the hero who helped them defeat the Spaniards. However, it is worth noting that after the meeting, the two worked together. Before his rule, San Martin was in the Spanish military as they went to war with the French people. He studies in the noble Seminary of Madrid shortly before that. San Martin married a woman from a renowned family in the area. Her name wasMaria Remedies de Escalada. The marriage took place in 1812. Maria helped strengthen his military career. Apart from his wife, he also had a strong and supportive family. His military father, for example, made sure he was schooled even when he was in Spain. He also provided inspiration for him to, later on, join the army and fight for the independence of his

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