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Daily music at Early College will mentally benefit the students. The first benefit of music is that it lowers students’ stress levels. A majority of students at Early College suffer from high stress levels. However, listening to music after class will help them relieve stress. For instance, researchers at Stanford University states that slower tempo music can quiet a student’s mind and reduce their stress (“Releasing Stress”). Slow tempo music is an effective way to reduce levels of stress hormone cortisol. The tempo calms the nerves in the brain, which reduces high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and other stress symptoms. Also, neuroscientist of music Daniel J. Levitin asserts that music allows students to take their minds off their stressful…show more content…
Foremost, parents argue that music is not important as other core subjects. It is true that music is not considered important in schools; however, music leads to greater achievement in core classes. For instance, PBS research asserts that learning music facilitates learning other subjects because it enhances necessary skills (Brown). When students listen to music, it strengthens memory, increases IQ, and improves language. The skills enhanced by music can aid students in their studies in core classes. Also, they argue that their children are not learning by listening to music. It is reasonable that students cannot physically show that they are learning by listening to classical music. However, students are learning small skills by listening to music. For example, neurologist prove that listening to music allows students to enhance motor skills (“Music Activities Teach”). By tapping along with the music, students can control their finger and hand movement, which is a skill needed for writing and handling small objects. Lastly, they claim that some music is inappropriate for their child. It is a fact that there are lots of music with profanity and inappropriate content. However, students at Early College will listen to classical music instead of music with words. Classical music does not have inappropriate content or profanity. Also, the faculty has to approve the songs that Early College

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