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The correlation between a students’ SAT or ACT score and there chance of being accepted and succeeding in college is absurd. You cannot predict a students first year college grades based from a test that only provides questions over four main subjects: math, reading, science, and writing. There are a lot of factors that could contribute to a students inability to test well. The amount of bias towards race, gender, social status gives white, wealthy, individuals an unfair advantage. Endless articles criticize this issue as being one of the top factors of to why this test shouldn't determine if a student should attend college. “critics often assert that standardized test scores are strongly influenced by factors beyond individual differences…show more content…
Studies show how some do well on the SAT, yet they still do poorly in college. This form of testing is not a fair way to predict a students college potential. SAT scores are not an adequate way to measure college readiness and should not hinder a students college admission to a four year school. These tests are now based off social status, popularity status, and total upbringing of a student.One man who felt high SAT scores should get you into a four year college is Charles Murray. Although he claims these tests are a valid way to measure a students college potential, I feel these tests are only testing someones core knowledge, not there creativity or wisdom. He expects students to receive a 1180 on the SAT test in order to attend a college. This score is very difficult to reach and it would require very advanced courses and studying to achieve. Murray says how “SAT score was found to be 1180 on the combined math and verbal tests. It is a score that only 10 percent of american 18 year olds would achieve.” (Charles Murray, pg.228). With only 10 percent of americans going to college the government would lose a lot of money, due to that occurring this change would never…show more content…
The students who are more likely to score well on the SAT test and the students murray refers to are usually upper class individuals. Having the opportunity to all of the great advantages money provides opens a lot more doors to upcoming students. Murray does not talk about this in his reading, but common sense says low income students are less likely to do well on standardized tests. The upbringing of a child creates how they feel about school work and how important it is to do well in school. Income of the students’ parents is the main bias in this form of testing, this test even has paid admission which allows high income families to take it more. Another unfair factor contributing to the bias in the SAT test is the anxiety some people face knowing it’s a high priority test. Test anxiety has a lot of underlying problems, the strengths and weakness of the student factor into their ability to test. This test anxiety can be caused by several different ways. Test anxiety (TA) causes poor performance. It relates inversely to students’ self-esteem and directly to their fears of negative evaluation, defensiveness, and other forms of anxiety. Conditions (causes) giving rise to differential TA levels include ability, gender, and school grade

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