Anxiety In College

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College life for most people can be very stressful. It can be even more stressful when he or she suffers from anxiety and staying focused on things. A person who struggles with anxiety or has bad test - taking strategies there is a long list of things they can do. Preparing for the exam is the biggest thing he or she could ever do. If he or she prepares properly for the exam with their strategies they have chosen, it can prevent anxiety and stress. Figuring out how to deal with anxiety during college is very important. Studying, getting plenty of sleep, and making sure to have a balanced diet is also key. Coping mechanisms are key to help with test anxiety. The first of many ways that a student can hinder themselves from having too terrible of test anxiety is to make sure they are prepared. How can the student calmly study for a test or an exam? They should determine at the beginning of the semester how they will go about approaching the class as well as how they will study for the class,…show more content…
Cramming the night before an exam is one sure way to stress someone out. Generally speaking, professors will tell the students about the exam at least a class or two before the exam. If the professor doesn’t tell the students, sometimes they will either send out an email or post it in the class’ syllabus. Once the student is aware of the exam, he or she should use his or her time sensibly. Usually, using time wisely entails that the student prepares himself or herself to lead up to the exam. Studying diligently and often is a big help to avoid not only being extremely stressed, but also avoiding having to cram the night or class before the exam. There are a few ways to study efficiently for an exam to prevent cramming. A few ways to help the process of studying to avoid cramming are the following; rewriting things down, reading information out loud and even reading it to someone

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