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In the article “The Coddling of the American Mind” Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt explain their beliefs as to what’s going on in colleges today. They believe a movement is being made to stop anything that may cause discomfort or offense to students on campus. After reading the article, I do agree with Lukianoff and Haidt because from my own experience in college I feel like certain subjects are kept from students because of the reaction it may cause. For instance, in an English class one semester we were being introduced to an unrefined poem written by an abused slaved based off their experiences and life struggles. During the reading of the poem, a young girl was offended at the language being used and was so upset she left. The issue was brought up to the teacher and the lesson was…show more content…
I have witnessed vindictive protectiveness when two young ladies were talking about their future marital wishes. One young lady says to the other that she hopes to marry an African American man, immediately the other young lady feels offended and asks what is wrong with other races of men. Although the first young lady was just stating what she preferred and meant no harm when saying it resulted in her losing a friend. The author makes a statement that suggests that censoring free speech can cause the student depression or anxiety. The purpose of college is to prepare students for adulthood. After college, the censoring of your work place or everyday life is nonexistent. There will be no censoring of speech or actions and you may come across times where you will be offended. The students getting accustom to the censorship of free speech is setting them up for a world that doesn’t exist. That can be depressing for students or cause them

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