Chris Formosa's Life Altering Mistake?

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Life Altering Mistake Chris Formosa began his freshman year at DePaul University in 2009. His tan skin made his thick, brunette hair and steel grey eyes look more attractive on his 18-year-old face. Chris’s good looks were not even the best part about him. He made all of his male friends double over with laughter and all of his female friends wish their boyfriends were as kind as Chris. Unlike most college students, Chris had a nice car and an even nicer bank account, thanks to his generous parents. He was healthy, happy, and carefree. Fast-forward six years. Chris’s eyelids slowly close over his dark red eyes. He could pass for an amateur boxer with those deep purple, almost black, circles under his eyes. His head bobs down towards his chest and…show more content…
Parents have had to dig deeper into their pockets to finance a college education, some financially ruining their lives, and that knowledge wears on students, who feel pressure to enter a field that is hiring instead of one they like. With all of the research on anxiety in college, Chris’s current situation makes complete sense. His grades, his future, and his finances caused his anxiety…right? Wrong. According to Chris, hallucinogenic drugs are to blame for his anxiety. “It was sophomore year, I was 20-years-old, and I tried mushrooms with my roommates,” Chris says with tears welling up in his eyes. An hour after consuming the illegal hallucinogenic drug, Chris started to have an extremely horrible and violent reaction. His eyes turned towards each other, his lungs were unable to get enough air, and his tongue flopped around his mouth making conversation impossible. Eventually Chris began to believe his blood was boiling inside of his body and begged his friends to take him to the hospital. When they refused, Chris roughly dug his nails into his sweaty, pale skin, over and over again until he saw bright red blood seeping out of his

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