Animal Bill Of Rights For Animals

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Do animals need protection from the same things that hurt them? There is a large controversy following the fact that animals are exploited and abused by humans. People have begun to provide animals with a right system to secure their freedom. The Animal Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit organization, has sponsored a petition based on the cause of necessary protection for the basic right of animals. This organization is creating an Animal Bill of Rights and a petition that calls for the right of all animals to be free from exploitation, cruelty, neglect, and abuse. This petition can enact understanding of animals’ feelings and their privileges despite the probability of minor problems in our economy. Furthermore, creating a Bill of Rights for animals would be excessive in the name but establishing a basic right system is…show more content…
As found in Jeremy Rifkin’s article, “A Change of Heart about Animals,” animals can experience pain, suffering, and affection just as we humans do (2). Also, it is discovered that all animals, pigs for example, can feel depressed and have changes in their mental state. Studies on pigs have found, “...that they crave affection and are easily depressed if isolated and denied playtime with each other.”(4) Most animals share characteristics and varying emotions and feelings like we do. Why should we treat them any different? Establishing a rights system for animals is crucial for animal and human lives. As analyzed by the London Zoological Society, this world has been halving its population of wildlife in the past 40 years. These changes are caused by people’s destruction of animal habitats and wildlife and can threaten our way of life. Based on the proposed Animal Bill of Rights, we should protect all wildlife and possible endangered species. Without the demolishing of nature, animals could live in peace and produce many offspring to counter the rising list of endangered

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