Bill Of Animal Rights

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An animal “Bill of RIghts” would give all types of animals rights, and they would have to be treated differently than how we treat them now. These rights would make sure that animals are treated a certain way. They would have to be kept in good conditions where they can walk around, and have space to live. Animals would be protected from experimentation, abuse, exploitation, and neglect. I agree that animals need rights but only domestic animals, farm animals and wild animals should not be treated any differently than how they are treated now. First of all, a law that would give animals these rights would not really go against our human culture. Our ancestors hunted animals for food and they did not do it in a humane way for the animals.…show more content…
Scientists are able to test new vaccines for diseases and are able to see if they actually work. If we give rights to animals then it will hinder medical research, for instance in the article, Of Primates and Personhood: Will According Rights and “Dignity” to Nonhuman Organisms Halt Research? by Ed Yong, he states how great apes are used for research and are tested on and he wants to give these apes “personhood” or rights so that they can not be used for research. If we give these apes rights, then what are we going to use for medical research we can’t really use a human for this research as we don’t know what may happen. For example in another article by Jeremy Rifkin, A Change of Heart about Animals, he states that the animals used for research are smarter than we think they are and it’s all been proven through several tests and experiments; he want us to have empathy on these animals as they go through painful experiments in our laboratories. Apes have been used for medical research for a long time and they have proven beneficial because they are closely related to us humans. Domestic animals like dogs, cats, and horses should be the ones kept away from medical research not fish nor

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