Why Do Animals Have Bill Of Rights

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Why do people think animals don’t need a Bill of Rights? I agree that all animals should have a bill of rights. Animals need a bill of right because when it comes to making food for us . Animals should have the same rights as we do as humans because they way we treat animals is wrong. That Singer says a lot of things that go with how they do things with apes.Singer says “Speaking personally, i feel we should extend rights to a wide range of nonhuman animals.” For example that means that they should make more laws for animals because humans have more rights than all animals. Singer also says “ All creatures that can feel pain should have a basic moral status.” For example that means that all animals can feel all the pain although they don’t react to it or don’t do anything to resemble pain…show more content…
The Great Ape Protection Act is for scientists to cease invasive research on great apes and rigorously apply existing alternatives but stops short of extending rights to the animals themselves. For example scientists can do experiments on the apes but if it you go far enough where the animal can’t take it anymore the person has to stop and the animal has a right to say no to the experiment.” The Green Party in Germany is preparing two bills supporting the great ape project” says GAP’s Pedro Pozas. They had spent a lot of money that they wanted to do on this project so they did this in many parts of the world to test out many of their theories. In Austria in august the GAP a member of it David Diaz visited Hiasl a former researcher of chimpanzee who has become an ape-rights icon as his sanctuary faces bankruptcy and he faces homelessnes. For example when David had visited Hiasl he had faced a lot of things that were a challenge when he knew that taking this project could have left with

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