Should Animals Have The Bill Of Rights

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Do you believe animals should have the right to a certain quality life? Many people feel empathy for animals and they want them to have rights like humans have. Also they feel that they are likely the same as us but, there's other people that believe animals have no feelings or they don’t need to have rights.I believe animals shouldn’t have the bill of rights. First of all, a law would not go against human culture for centuries. Many people believe in their culture for example in Spain they do bullfighting and the person who wins the bull are heros in Spain. Animals have played a big role on humans society since civilization began. People back then hunted animals for food and use their fur for clothing. A law can’t change the culture of people if they started using them since civilization just because other people feel empathy for the animals. In the article “A Change of Heart about Animals” it says that in nature animals kill and eat each other. Therefore, if animals don’t care about other animals why should people care for them and try to change their culture they’ve had for years. Lastly, a law can’t change human culture because they might be…show more content…
For example, people are still going to be arguing that the animals are like humans because they have some same parts like us and they feel pain. Animals might not be the same as humans because in the article “A change of Heart about Animals” it says that animals have no sense of their mortality and are unable to comprehend the concept of their own death. Therefore, if animals can't tell their own death they can't be as smart like human are. In addition, some scientist or people might say that birds like parrots can talk. However, Stevens says that a parrot or mynah bird talk it's just an imitation and mimicry.Finally, an animal can’t be the same as a human cause they don’t have some abilities like

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