Animal Bill Of Rights

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How would the world be if animals had a Bill of Rights? Most people would agree that animals should have rights and others believe they shouldn’t. An animal bill of rights would give animals the right to be treated fairly and prevent them from being tormented.. A bill of rights for animals would abridge them from being tortured for food and from animal research.We need animals for food and for medical research so they do not need a bill of rights. For centuries we have been using animals for food and we never considered giving them rights, why should we now? It would go against centuries of human culture because many people’s religion only focuses on human rights. Most humans in a lot of countries don’t even have the rights they are supposed to have so why should animals have rights when humans are more important than animals. It wouldn’t be fair to see an animal with rights when there are people in this world without them. Humans are the only living things that should have rights. For many years…show more content…
The bill of rights would give animals the right to not be killed for food. We need meat to stay healthy. If we don’t get to eat meat we would have to start buying more fruits and vegetables and we would start running low on food. The less food there is , the more expensive it gets. If we don't use animals for food, what use would they make? Cows and chickens are meant to be killed for food. Food will be very expensive because their will only be a limited selection of food we can eat. Giving animals a bill of rights would be a disaster for us who eat meat . Most meat is cheap so people depend on it to feed their kids. Vegetables are already expensive so imagine how much more they would cost if that's all we could eat. In the movie “Food Inc.” they show many farmers that feed their chickens corn syrup because it’s cheap and it makes the chicken have more meat.We can’t do that with

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