Professional Behavior In Nursing Practice Essay

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State 3 positive professional behaviors you witnessed today? Why are these important? What can you do to develop these behaviors? One positive behavior that stuck out to me was that my primary nurse was a great instructor. She didn’t seem rushed during our interactions, which made it easier to ask questions throughout the clinical. Another professional behavior was when I needed help looking for something, such as batteries to put in my patients fan, the HUC and PCT’s were quick to help me find what I was looking for. The last thing I noticed was that all nurses foamed in and out, and sanitized the “cow” after they used it. These are all important behaviors. It is important to be able to compose yourself in front of your patients and their…show more content…
Lastly, every health care professional should be demonstrating good hand hygiene. I can develop these by getting more experience as well as always following my institute’s policy, especially with hand hygiene. State 3 negative professional behaviors witnessed today? Why do you think these occurred? What can you do to prevent these from occurring? Why is it important to the nursing profession to avoid these behaviors? One of the negative behaviors I witnessed today was during report. The nurses never did a bedside report. They did their whole report at the nurse’s station and then the other nurse left. I think this occurred because they possibly felt rushed since report didn’t start until about 7:20pm. This can be avoided by having the next nurse on shift coming on the floor right at 7 pm. It is important…show more content…
The main similarity I noticed between all of these interactions was that these nurses seemed well composed and that they were able to handle situations in a calm matter. They were quick to help and answer questions. I think all of those virtues are important in providing excellent care. What are the similarities among those individuals that you consider negative professional role

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