The Panther's Vivacity In A Hunger Artist

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In literature, authors illustrate aspects of _______ through contrast. In “A Hunger Artist”, by Franz Kafka, the panther’s vivacity highlights the weakness of the Hunger Artist. The feeble nature of the public greatly illustrates the steadfastness of the old man, and finally, the dynamic atmosphere of the circus contrasts with the calm irreverent fasting man. Firstly, the narrator portrays the panther as this majestic and strong animal. The feline “seemed to not even miss his freedom; his noble body, furnished almost to the bursting point with all that it needed” (10). Every word used by the narrator specifically describes the strength and youth of the panther. Therefore, it is easy to feel the strong vivacity that the mammal emanates. In contrary, “the little bunch of…show more content…
Indeed, “Experience had proven that for about forty days the interest of the public could be stimulated by a steadily increasing pressure of advertisement, but after that the town began to lose interest” (5). Society needs diversity and change within a few days. People can’t focus on one thing for several years since new and more interesting acts come to the surface. Like the narrator says, “For meanwhile the aforementioned change in public interest had set in; it seemed to happen almost overnight” (7). New trends come along and people easily move on. On the other hand, the Hunger Artist can’t let go. He clings on the art of fasting until he dies. As a matter of fact, his way of thinking is different from the crowd. “Why stop fasting at this particular moment, after forty days of it? He had held out for a long time, an illimitably long time, why stop now, when he was in his best fasting form, or rather, not yet quite in is bet fasting form?” (5). The artist wants to keep up with his art when the public needs constant change. Therefore, the feeble nature of the public contrasts greatly with the Hunger Artist’s passion for

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