Summary: Do Animals Need A Bill Of Rights

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Do you think that animals need a Bill of Rights? This debate has been going on between people who care about animals with people who love to eat hamburgers and scientists who experiment on animals. I bet you’re asking what is a Bill of Rights for animals? It’s basically human rights towards animals. I strongly believe that all animals should have a Bill of Rights. There is no doubt that animals have the ability to experience physical pain like the rest of us. It’s pretty much obvious that dogs and cats feel pain because of the way that they look and feel. I bet you didn’t even thought if the rest feel pain as well. Let’s look at the animals that we eat that we don’t think twice about, like fish. According to the article “Hooked on a Myth”,…show more content…
The majority may ask about “what are we going to eat and who are we going to experiment on”? There are so many people in this world that love to eat foods like chicken, meat from cows and bacon from pigs. If we give animals rights, the world as we know it may fall into chaos with people who work for meat companies out of a job, scientists not knowing who to experiment on and many people who love to eat meat might attack us for it. It’s like what Richard Lobb said,”In a way, we’re not producing chickens, we’re producing food.” This is pure food and nothing farther from it. Think about what would happen if there is no food made from animals. The price of food would skyrocket because there is not enough food to go around. Going as far as saying that every living being is entitled to rights is crazy! We all know that it is bad to kill a dog, but what if we kill a spider? Are we going to be sentenced to years in prison? We can’t just give animals rights now when we are so dependent on them. If animals kill each other for food in the wild, then how are we any different? Not all Animals are innocent, they can also kill people in the wild for food. Everybody would do what they can to stay alive and that includes eating animals or the animals eating

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