Animal Bill Of Animal Rights Essay

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A right can be defined as a legal entitlement or that which is morally correct, just, or honorable. As humans and the self-proclaimed superior species, we imbue our lives and society with these rights to better ourselves as a whole and guarantee the protection of freedoms with these rights. We share the Earth with several other beings and of those we are closest to other fellow animals who are capable of moderate cognitive ability. The capability of these creatures begs the question: do we defy human culture, deny scientific breakthroughs, threaten domestic and economic well-being, and widen controversial potential in order to establish a preservation of animals via an animal bill of rights? The first recorded domestication of animals are in 12000 bc and 9000-7000 bc for dogs and livestock respectively; domestication of animals is our ancient culture. We established this norm to create a better quality of life for ourselves whilst…show more content…
There is an obvious border between moral and inhumane but with the increasing strict regulations: treatments for noteworthy ailments that people across the Earth suffer from such as aids and cancer will be delayed substantially or possibly indefinitely. As Kevin Martin, a researcher of Zurich’s Federal institute of technology states: “This research is not a luxury. the failure of gene therapy and AIDS vaccines is due to pressure to produce cures before understanding the underlying biological mechanisms , which cannot be accessed by experiments with humans.” Although a stricter and regulated animal testing is more humane, the act itself can still be considered cruel yet a necessary evil in the continuation of well-being for humans and animals

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