Bill Of Animal Rights

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Abusing animals in experiments is a big topic in our modern world society. There are many people that believe that animals should have rights. However, those people do not look at the bigger picture. Giving animals rights, can cause a chaos for our society. That doesn’t mean that is right for us the human beings to abusing and mistreat these creature that live with us in this world. Giving a “bill of rights” to the animals can go against centuries of human culture. Not only just our culture, but our beliefs as well. Naturally, animals do not have rights. They eat each other in the wildlife, so why should we start worrying about them now. There are people that believe that animals should have rights to protect them from experiments, so…show more content…
Rifkin saying that makes a point that animals are more important than children. Are all people who believe that animals should have rights think that animals are more important? Beside going against our human culture and nature, not providing meat source to the food chain can end up in a disaster. For one reason is that, there are not that many people that are a vegan or a vegetarian. To enforce the meat consumers to eat healthy so suddenly. It is impossible in order for that to happen. There are around 84% of Vegetarians and vegans the eventually went back to eating meat in three months or within their first year. In the article, “84 Percent of Vegetarians Go Back to Eating Meat” by Melissa Dahl, she reports that there are 2% American adults are current vegetarian or a vegan, 10% former vegetarian or a vegan, and 88% people that never been a vegetarian or a vegan. With that information, it is obvious that there is more people that is going to be hard for them to change their way of living.Our body needs time to adapt to the new lifestyle and that would be…show more content…
These animals are used for medical treatments, determining the toxicity of medications, and check safety of products destined for human use. We been doing this approximately since 500 B.C. So why until now people are concern about this topic? Experiments of these animals has contributed to many life-saving cures and treatments. In 1992, Switzerland’s strict demanded that researchers respect the “dignity of creation.” In the article, “Of Primates and Personhood: Will According Rights and ‘Dignity’ to Nonhuman Organisms Halt Research?” written by Ed Yong in the SEEDMAGAZINE.COM, Ed interview Kevan Martin, a Zurich’s Federal Institute of Technology. Kevan Martin stated, “This research is not a luxury. The failure of gene therapy and AIDS vaccines is due to pressure to produce ‘cures’ before understanding the underlying biological mechanisms, which cannot be accessed by experiments with humans.” Basically, there are stuff that not ours own body can help scientist finding cures for new diseases. There are things that people do not realize that it can cause other problems besides the one I mentioned. In the article, “Of Primates and Personhood: Will According Rights and ‘Dignity’ to Nonhuman Organisms Halt Research?” written by Ed Yong, Ed interview a Primatologist Frans de Waal of Emory University. Frans states,”’I do think we have special obligations to the great apes as our closest relatives,

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