Representation Of Women In The Media Essay

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My topic is women celebrities’ representation in the media and the affect of this representation on women audiences. This topic provided an appropriate context for reviewing research literature from book and articles online. I reviewed the various literatures to find information and back up my topic that I want to do further research on by reviewing previous scholars work and ideas about women in the media and the affects to American society. Aubrey, J. (2007). The impact of sexually objectifying media exposure on negative body emotions and sexual self-perceptions: Investigating the mediating role of body self-consciousness. Mass Communication and Society, 10(1), 1. This study shows that both men and women face problematic issues regarding their body images when exposed to television and magazines. The main ideas discussed in this article is the importance of the role of body self-consciousness in dealing with the relationship between exposure to sexually objectifying media, such as television and magazines than relating it to negative…show more content…
(2008). Empowerment/Sexism: Figuring Female Sexual Agency in Contemporary Advertising. Feminism & Psychology, 18(1), 35-60. This article sets out to explain that women now are represented as more sexual powerful and have more control of their bodies, like sexual agency, and not necessarily the victims, as some feminists are too quick to point out. Overall, there has been a dramatic change from objectification to willing participants looking for their own pleasure. Railton, D. (2001). The gendered carnival of pop. Popular Music, 20(3), 321-331. This article perfectly shows how pop culture affects the body images of younger women in our society. Young women today imitate their pop stars in the ways they dress and behave. It is ironic to look at pop music today and to believe that women are becoming more dominant in our society when how they perform for their audience is exactly what men want and have wanted of
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