American Pageant Chapter 5 Summary

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Chapter 5: The Problem of Empire color key: yellow - important miscellaneous terms blue - significant person/group of people pink - important Acts __________________________________________________________ An Empire Transformed The Cost of Empire Britain’s debt shot up dramatically after The French and Indian War this led to the increase of taxation of the colonists & British citizens Smugglers was punished harshly - becoming indentured servants was one of the punishments Increase of British military in America after the French and Indian War purpose of this was to prevent Native American rebellions - like Pontiac’s Rebellion British put up the Proclamation Line of 1763 - stated that colonists can not go west across the Appalachian Mountains…show more content…
George Grenville and the Reform Impulse Green Grenville - from Great Britain; tries to solve this debt crisis - many acts (like the ones below) pass under his leadership Currency Act (1764): prohibited colonies from using paper money because there was high inflation and paper money wasn’t worth much The Sugar Act (1764): increased tax that replaced the outdated Molasses Act many colonists got around it by SMUGGLING The End of Salutary Neglect: this act ended in 1763 if you were smuggling & trying to get around it, smugglers would be tried in vice-admiralty courts → guilty until proven innocent (opposite from what we have today - innocent until proven guilty) many colonists resisted the increase in British control after the end of the Salutary Neglect An Open Challenge: The Stamp Act (1765) - if the sugar act upsetted some colonists, this Stamp Act angered ALL the colonists) tax on 50 commonly used goods, affected most colonists^ violators would be also be tried in vice-admiralty courts Quartering Act - colonists were required to feed and house British troops - colonists questioned British troops’ presence in America because their enemy, the French, were not there anymore

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