Skud Conflict

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The choices and conflicts of Brad, the main character’s best friend from ``Skud`` by Dennis Foon, have left me upset, frustrated, and angry. I feel this way because, from the beginning of the book until now Tommy and Brad were best friends and always leaned on each other for support and consolidation. In the text it says “She knows nothing about me, yet tells Tomster, my best friend, that I am a negative, that I am wasted potential” (Foon: 132). But, all of a sudden, Brad is facing a problem and because of this, he decides to take his anger out on Tommy. What really surprised me was when Brad started to discourage and anger Tommy. i asked myself “ Why would he do that to his best friend?” Brad became jealous of Tommy and thought it was unfair…show more content…
Throughout the book, most of the conflicts happen between friends. I think the author is trying to tell the readers to choose their friends wisely. There is a quote I read that said, `` A bad friend is like a blacksmith, just by being near him, you get dirty and pick up his bad scent. And a good friend, is like a perfume seller, just by being near him you begin to smell good`` (Prophet Mohammad). An example of a bad friendship would be when Tommy decided to befriend Brad, but all it did was ruin his future. He had his career all setup and his life planned but because of Brad he threw it all away. He ended up in a detention center and lost his chance to be part of the military. Another example of good friendship changing people`s life, was the relationship between Andy and Shane. Andy became friends with Shane and because of this he got a part in the show, even though he had been previously auditioning for years. Another benefit was that people began to look up to Andy even though he was considered a loser before, because he was hanging out with Shane. People also stopped bullying him and hurting him because Shane was regarded as his protector. Tommy`s friendship with Sheila might have been good at the beginning, but later on it turned out to be one of the reasons why he lost his future. The theme goes to show that your friends can make you or break you, so you have to choose your friends
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