Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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In the past when college sports were not as popular as today, no one really questioned why college athletes were not paid. Today however, with college sport being broadcast live mostly every weekend people question why college athletes are not paid. Many institutions earn multi-million a year from their athletic programs. College athletes receive none of the money they bring in for the school, while coaches and staff are paid mammoth salaries. The NCAA is capitalizing on the popularity of college sports by selling the rights to broadcast the games, earning billions over the course of a year. Colleges receive all of the earnings from ticket sales and line their own pockets instead of distributing part of it to the actual athletes that are entertaining the viewers. College is thought as beneficial for athletes when in fact athletes are actually beneficial for the institution. People consider college sports to be more entertaining than professional sports. For instance, “College basketball…show more content…
Opponents in favor of unpaid college athletes argue that athletes get full paid scholarships to play and thus shouldn’t be paid. While supporters argue that the scholarships can be revoked if the player gets injured. Overall in this day and age colleges can afford to play their athletes fairly for the revenue they bring in. With college sports gaining popularity, college athletes should be paid because they bring in high revenue for institutions, the scholarships that some athletes receive lack the assurance of it being valid until a degree is earned, and college players are always at risk of sustaining an injury. The
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