Process Essay: How To Kick A Football

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The problem statement for my project is what method of kicking a football would achieve the farthest distance. What lead me to choose this as my final topic was the idea of a physical science. Also football is a loved sport in my family giving me an advantage on the knowledge of football. Not only just because my dad watches it, but because he actually played and learned how to kick. The experiment itself was also interesting to me, because I had no idea how to kick a football. As I have searched about this topic, I have gained a lot of knowledge from it. As I have said before I had no idea how to properly kick a football. So as I learned about my science project topic, I have learned how across the way. Kicking a football is more precise than you would have imagined. Your position from the tee, where the ball will be kicked, is very accurate. You must be 8 steps behind tee and 5 steps left or right depending on your kicking foot. Five steps to the left if kicking foot is your right foot and, five steps to the right if kicking foot is your left foot. In the art of kicking a football you have a pre-kick stance. As your in the position from the tee as above you need to have kicking foot a little ahead of your other foot. Hips positioned over feet, and shoulder a little forward of hips. Eyes on the ball.…show more content…
Now while you’re moving to the ball your first steps for about four yards need to be slow. After that you can speed up and attack the ball. Now here’s the technical part, actually kicking the football. The foot you aren’t kicking with needs to be planted firmly on the side of tee. As your coming towards the ball in a kicking motion your toes must be pointed down field. You must also make sure you kick the ball from the top of your foot where your shoe laces would

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