Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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We are now living in an era where money is everything and is a priority in our lives in order to live. Many believe that a free education isn’t enough compensation because of how much it cost to be a full-time student at a university. There are hidden fees that aren't included in the scholarships that athletes are forced to pay in order to compete and also meal plans that tend to run out before the week is even up. How are these college athletes expected to pay these sums of money when they are not able to have jobs because they are inundated with practice before, during, and after the season. Tyson Harnett an entrepreneur, writer, and sales professional for the huffington post said in his article “Why College Athletes Should be Paid” that “A scholarship doesn't equal cash in a player's pocket. Even with any type of scholarship, college athletes are…show more content…
These coaches aren’t rewarded whether if their players are to graduate but only on their winnings, because an athletes work is what is valuable and not their person. It kind of reminds you of what slavery used to be like. Athletes now treated as 21st century slaves that come to generate millions of dollars a year in income and revenue for free labor while being blinded by their own zealotry. Allen Sack says in his article “How To Save The NCAA From Itself” that “many of those athletes do not receive the education supposedly covered by tuition. Yet their athletic talents are exploited for the financial benefit of others.” Many of these athletes with an economically disadvantaged background arrive on the campus with little financial support from home and “limited academic skills to survive the rigors of the classroom” (Sack). Yet the coaches are still rewarded for their winnings but the athletes shortcomings are never addressed just
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