Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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As the debate about NCAA athletes earning money continues to grow, an important issue continues to be talked about which some think. Is that athletes are being paid already. NCAA athletes playing a sport have a potential of earning right around 25 million in cash over their four-year college career for their school (if they are in the top 25 D1 poll.) In my opinion, college athletes should not be paid because of these reasons. The fact athletes are not employees, college athletes are students, colleges do not have money for it, and most of the athletes would have something to work for (making it to the professional level.) College athletes make their own decision to play a sport at their university along with going to class and getting an education, not to be paid. Education comes first…show more content…
The top 25 Division 1 schools, are packed with schools like Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State, Florida, Florida State, etc. Total, there is many sport programs, a lot of Division 2 programs, and even more Division 3 programs in the United States. Other than the top 25 Division 1 programs, very little schools would not be able to pay out all the student athletes they have. Usually the schools good with the cost to the institution, and have none to very little money to spend at all. A lot schools do not have contracts with TV stations (ESPN) and radio stations. They also do not have the ways to make the type of money that the top 25 schools make. Paying their players would not even be reasonable for over 75% of Universities. Paying players would be unfair due to the ranging of the school not having enough funds to pay the
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