Social Control In Saskatchewan

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There are many ways in which the people of Saskatchewan are controlled by larger societal forces. Contrary to the popular way of thinking, many everyday actions and happenings are not in one’s control. Some of the societal forces governing us go undetected because they have been so widely accepted and practiced. Other times, we may believe we are using our own free will and agency to make a decision but in reality the decision is being made largely for us. Reasons why the people of Saskatchewan are a product of larger societal forces in which they have little control are that we have such a large number of social controls acting upon us that we fail to fully recognize them, we have been told to conform and to be obedient from such a young age…show more content…
Social inequality is defined as “a condition in which members of society have different amounts of wealth, prestige, and power” (Witt & Hermiston, pg. 212). Stratification, on the other hand, refers social inequality that is built into the structure of society. As a Saskatchewan resident, social inequality and stratification is seen in schools, businesses, and social gatherings. Oftentimes stratification “shapes individual opportunity based on the position that one occupies in the system” (Witt & Hermiston, pg. 212). Furthermore, this shaping of opportunities is one way in which we are the product of larger societal forces that we cannot control. Saskatchewan residents cannot help where they fall on the social inequality scale even though where they land determines the opportunities they are given and the resources available to…show more content…
There are many reasons in which we can tell that the people of Saskatchewan are the result of social forces. Some of these forces include peer groups and formal and informal and informal norms. In addition, conformity and obedience are also societal forces acting upon individuals. Another way in which society influences us is through social inequality and stratification. Lastly, all of the reasons that the middle class is dwindling hugely impacts the society in Saskatchewan. Overall, our actions, behaviours, ways of communicating, and ways of thinking are all directly impacted by larger societal forces that we can hardly, if at all,

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