CIA Counterintelligence Threat Analysis

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What is a CIA counterintelligence threat analyst? This type of analyst, often referred to as a CI analyst is someone who receives and reviews reports to help find any signs of a threat to the U.S. coming from a foreign intelligence group (“Counterintelligence”). CI threat analysts are just one of the twelve different types of analysts the CIA hires (“Analytical”). CI analysts are also hired in other places, including but not limited to; the FBI, the National Guard, the Army, and government contractors like Lockheed Martin (“Intelligence Analysts”; “351L”; “Intelligence Analyst (35F)”; “Jobs”). While several places are hiring, many schools don’t have the necessary degree pathways needed to work for the CIA. The author of the CIA CI analyst employment page states, “Candidates with a bachelor's or master's degree in security studies, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, telecommunications technologies, computer engineering, or a mix of…show more content…
It would be best to assume a college education would be key, considering a 3.0+ GPA is a requirement in all of the college classes a possible employee would take. The majority of the education requirements are about college, but what relevance do high school subjects have? With English, the ability to comprehend and create reports that are understandable is the most important thing, considering it is a part of the job description. Math courses and problem solving are a given if you plan to get a degree in some sort of engineering. To continue with engineering, science is also needed to study the capabilities and make up of intelligence groups. Lastly is History or Social Studies, the most important subject of them all. The CIA looks for people who are very updated and aware of the civil and international affairs that have and are occurring in the U.S. In order to defend the country from threats, you must know about them

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