Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Have you ever played a sport and wanted to get money for it. That’s what college athletes are now saying. They think that sports are there job and they deserve money for it. But in reality they are going to school and they don’t deserve money because they are still kids. A few years ago nobody even thought about getting paid for college sports. Student athletes shouldn’t be paid because they are still getting there education, it’s a hobby not a job, and they are on scholarship from the school to play sports. “College sports are like internships so you shouldn’t get paid for an internship'' (Molly Block). People will pay 6.81-981 million dollars to host the big ten championship game. They shouldn't be paid because they are still getting there education. Many people believe that the '' Athletes are already getting paid with their education" (Debate Club). They have been offered to go to the University to play there sport and get an education on what they choose. They say they don’t have enough time to get a job because of sports. There scholarship is paying for their school all they have to do is go to school and make the grades to be able to play. And it wouldn’t be fair for all the other students who go to school there because they don’t get paid to go to school there.…show more content…
They got offered to go to school they are just playing sports because they are good at it , and they have a chance to go big and make a carrer out of it. There scholarship money is basically there pay check it pays for whatever they need and then some for some things they want. Without their scholarship money they could not make it they would have no money and would have to work a job but probably couldn’t because they don’t have the time for it. “When they sign for the college they have no say in what they get scholarship wise" (Mitchel
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