Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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College athletes put 110 percent of hard work to play for a school. They give it their all to play the sport for the college. The athletes put in blood, sweat and tears to play the game they love and represent their school. So why not give the athletes a little reward for their hard work and dedication. College athletes should be paid for playing for their school. By getting paid, it will show that the school appreciates what the athletes have done for that particular school.The athletes shouldn’t be paid a great amount of money like professional sports do. They should be paid in small amounts of money. They should be paid on how they play not how long they play. If the athletes do a good job and get the win then they should get a bonus. Athletes put in a lot of their time to play the sport that they go to college for.The average division 1 football player gives forty-three point three hours of his time into the sport that he plays. Three point three more hours than the average american work week. So why not pay the players for their time and dedication towards the spor. Of course the athletes may miss some school for playing the sport but in the end it is worth it for the athlete and the school.…show more content…
Last year the NCAA men’s basketball tournament (March Madness) brought in over 1 billion dollars in revenue. The topped ranked teams in NCAA bring in a combined over 311 billion dollars from bowl games the biggest games of the year. The college world series last year brought in over 230 billion dollars from all the games. So why not give some of that that the athletes brought in to the athletes themselves. To show them that the college appreciates what they do and that they work
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