War With Mexico Analysis

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The United States in 1846 was not legitimized in going to war with Mexico. The United States did not have fitting defense to react with viciousness against the Mexican government. The war with Mexico was likewise a result of the United States' conviction of manifest destiny. Polk's over aspiration to seize new domain from the Mexicans and dissatisfaction over their refusal to offer him California also potentially played an element in his eagerness to take up arms against Mexico. The United States under the authority of president Polk unmistakably incited Mexico into assaulting US troops. All these reasons demonstrate that the US should not be beginning a war with Mexico for domain that was legitimately theirs. The war with Mexico came during…show more content…
Not only did he seize Texas as well as California and Oregon. While endeavoring to acquire California through quiet means he sent John Slidell to Mexico City to offer the Mexicans up to $25 million dollars for California yet this offer was rejected by the Mexicans as an insult. This caused Polk dissatisfaction and he was willing to attempt underhanded and tricky approaches to get the Mexicans to let him have the domains that he craved. This demonstrated that Polk was overcome with avarice for new region. He would not give a second thought how he asserted his no domain. Polk was overwhelmed by a need to make his campaign guarantees a reality and to make the prediction of manifest destiny a reality. His desire for land is clear in his behind the back strategies that he endeavored to utilize against the Mexicans. He likewise was looking for a way of retribution for the lives lost at the Alamo and the refusal of his proposal to purchase California from the Mexicans. Polk was so ravenous for land that he was ready to risk the spilling of blood and sacrifice the lives of his residents for retribution against the dismissal of a proposed arrangement and his need for manifest destiny. Potentially the strongest of all reasons that the US was not justified in going to war with Mexico in 1846 was that the US troops were in questioned domain intentionally to provoke the Mexicans into beginning the war so the US would seem as though they were the good guys in the conflict. The US troops were instructed to traverse the Nueces river to the banks of the Rio Grande. This was an attempt to get the Mexicans to assault US troops on territory that was on territory by both nations. This did not work out as intended from the get go and the Mexicans would not attack them. This concerned Polk so he went to his council. He let them know on May 9, 1846 that he was to propose to congress

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