Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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College athletes should be paid because the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) makes approximately one billion dollars a year from ticket sales, video games, and the selling of the athlete’s jerseys. Many college athletes are athlete’s first not student athletes like they are supposed to be. If college athletes were paid they would be motivated to do well in athletics and academics. Colleges are just using the athletes to get money out of them and to interest other people and kids to be attracted to the school. Colleges are making money off the players but the players should get additional money not included in their scholarships. Steve Spurrier, a college football coach from the University of South Carolina, believes that college athletes should receive a stipend, in addition to their tuition, room and board. At some of the larger schools, these athletes help bring in a great deal of money. Spurrier feels that athletes should be given a slice of the pie (Aschoff).…show more content…
Even though he had a full scholarship, there was something wrong. He couldn’t stand by and watch his family suffer. If he were an average college student, he could have been able to get a job and help his family with their bills. However, he was a “celebrity” at Ohio State, and was dedicating all of his time to the sport. He would never be able to keep a job while being such an important person on the team. Because of what he did to get by, it had drastic effects on his career. He wasn’t able to play in the first five games of his final season, and he was no longer a first round draft pick. He was selected in the third round, all for trying to help his family. This didn’t have any effect on his skills, but really affected his character in the eyes of the NFL. If the rules were different, he would have had all of the initial success he deserved, and helped his family at the same
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