Adversity In My Life

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It all starts with family my dad is mexican he grew up poor, he was born and raised in mexico he always talks about how i can be more successful in america and how i have more opportunities like school and how he never didn't but he made the best out of his life and i can make my life better than he ever could. My dad met my mother in Arizona my mother wasn't wealthy but she wasn't poor she went to college for child care she use to run a daycare out of our own house when i was a little kid she was always a giving person she has a kind heart she would go out on the streets and give to the homeless. when i was one year my father and mother got divorced i never thought about it i saw it as normal my family plays a big part in my cultural…show more content…
with my dad we would eat mexican food we would have chrismas extra early we would open the presents at night and for new years we would eat marshmallows and for every one we ate we made a wish but for my mom we would do things the same for christmas we would open presents in the morning eat in the afternoon but everything was different i am honestly happy i have more than one culture because it shows me more. My dad and i would always kick around the soccer ball and he would juggle the ball and show off and i would try to do what he did to this day i still try to juggle the ball like he does i picked up the sport of soccer my mom got me into it i played for a couple years but i still still like to kick around the ball this is my favorite sport. My brother and sister they are the same they are annoying loud caring but i love them as a kid they would entertain me with the silly arguments and we would all hang out. as i was little i never had a phone i would always get a broken phone and i would make pretend calls and act like i was a grown up and talk about my week and my plans in reality i just sat at the house and did nothing. as a teen i still don't want to grow up i still act like a little kid on the inside. apart of me doesn't want to grow up i'm scared of making my own decisions and doing things by myself i don't want to buy a house i don't want to pay bill but in the world we live in we have to do things we don't

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