Cultural Legacies In George Gladwell's Success

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Although hard work can help shape the success of a person, unique opportunities and cultural legacies push people even further because they offer higher chances of success to occur and allow them to follow in a family legacy. Unique opportunities are not given often, but if taken advantage of they can present the success that some people only dream of. In Gladwell’s view, “Success is not a random act. It arises out of a predictable and powerful set of circumstances and opportunities” (Gladwell). Nothing is presented to someone without a reason or purpose. No matter how small or big a circumstance or opportunity is, it is leading up to what can become a big achievement. People never realize when their big break is right around the corner. Here Gladwell demonstrates the importance of opportunities through the examples of Bill Gates and Bill Joy: “What…show more content…
Gladwell explains the impact of cultural heritage: “Cultural legacies are powerful forces. [...] They persist, generation after generation, virtually intact, [...] and they play such a role in directing attitudes and behavior that we cannot make sense of our world without them” (Gladwell). Cultural legacies can be one of the most powerful tools available. They allow people to express the lives of the past and create their own unique story. This is carried on for generations and allows people to continue the tradition of past success. Next Gladwell describes the importance of a foundation of history and community: “Superstar lawyers and math whizzes and software entrepreneurs appear at first blush to lie outside ordinary experience. But they don't. They are products of history and community, of opportunity and legacy” (Gladwell). Lastly, the importance of a cultural legacy is verified by the chances of carrying on the heritage of the past and being able to continue prior

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