The Importance Of Adversity In My Life

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Throughout my life, facing adversity in the least expectant of times has greatly impacted my life and has molded me into the person that I am today. Times where I felt like I had so much pressure on my shoulders, all while being alone, has had a dominantly positive fixture on my education, further allowing me to exhibit educational ideals that my parents have worked so hard for me to conquer and display. Inconceivable tragedies such as the hospitalization of a loved one or even an economic depression that feels eternal, can leave a family heartbroken and devastated. With that being said, there is always positivity to be found in every situation, which has led me to serve as the light for an unforeseen future that lies ahead. Being a child…show more content…
A position that holds the power to change one’s life indefinitely, can serve as a bridge or a roadblock to your dreams. With that being said, this has been the phase that I have had to cope with in the past year. My parents, who always hid any predicament from me, could not hold off any longer as I noticed that paying the bills became an issue and skipping out on meals just so my siblings and I can go to sleep without an empty stomach happened more often as the months progressed. Due to business struggles, my mother had her hours cut down substantially without any notion on if she’ll eventually be put down from her job, and my dad was given a two-week notice to find another job since his employer was shutting down the business. There would be times where I would stay awake all night submitting job applications to somehow help my family climb out of this tunnel, that we unknowingly were so deep into. Along with being a full-time student, I played the parenting role for my siblings as my parents would barely be home, desperately trying to make ends meet. Since both of my siblings were in college, the thought of them having to worry about costs just riled my mind so I managed to get hired by a local supermarket and distributed my earnings towards their meal plans, just so they can have one less concern about the entire situation. In wake

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