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Have you ever had one of those dreams where you wish it would come true? For some people, They think dreams are nothing without hard work. Dreams are like goals, they are nice to have but one must word hard to reach them. In the poem ¨Ambition Over Adversity¨ and in the novel We Beat the Street, both show the theme ¨Dreams are nothing without hard work¨. These inspirational literature together continuously shows how to conquer adversity, to concentrate on goals, and to put time, effort, focus, and patience to accomplish dreams. To start off, the novel We Beat the Street teaches the reader how to keep going with your goals when life is difficult by using a true story of 3 boys who grew in with a bad neighborhood with bad influences and conditions like drugs and violence. Nevertheless these boys still managed to stay focus on their education and become doctors. In the quote ¨ It took me some time to get my act all the way together,…show more content…
A quote from We Beat the street ¨Sampson knew his mother was right. She been through so many struggles, and he realized that she wanted a better life for him.¨(Sampson, 110) relates to a line from the poem ¨Ambition Over Adversity¨ by Tupac Shakur ¨ learn from their pain¨. These quotes relate because they both encourage one to learn from one's past struggles and not make the same mistakes as they did. Another way the novel We Beat the Street and the poem ¨Ambition Over Adversity¨relate is from a quote from We Beat the Street ¨These students were the success stories, the ones who had not dropped out or ended up in jail or string out on drugs.¨(126) and a line from Tupac Shakur poem ¨Ambition Over Adversity¨ ¨Now blossom into wealth¨. The quotes relate as a result of both of the quotes talking about turning out to be successful even though they grew up in with bad influences and

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