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Have you ever thought about how some people got over some of the adversity of life and gave every one a lesson that life is not easy and that there is struggles but if you are committed to overcoming it, nothing is impossible. Well, in this essay I will be talking about a person that did this and inspired many others to not worry about the obstacles in life but to only focus on the goals you have regardless of what others may say. Helen Keller is the person I will be talking about, a woman that despite her disabilities was able to succeed at life regardless of what others thought and she overcame the struggles she had since she was a little girl, they were only obstacles that were in the way of the goals she had in mind. She proved everyone…show more content…
But, when she was 1 year and 9 months she went through an illness that made her deaf and also blind which, of course was going to be a big disadvantage for her to be able to learn like any other kid would. Because of these disabilities she was not able to communicate properly with others. Later on in her life she visited a specialist and was assigned to learn a type of communication system that would help her, but she got very frustrated at the fact that she was not able to learn this system, thankfully she came across a different system that she was able to learn. This was the first step for her to be successful later on as being able to communicate with others is very important in the process of learning new things and basically socializing, this had been the very fist obstacle that Helen Keller had overcome and this showed how committed she…show more content…
She learned and dominated various communication systems which helped her in reaching to be the first deaf and blind person to get a bachelor's degree and was very involved in campaigns to support people with disabilities also she was very involved in politics. Her life I believe has inspired many to keep going on despite all their struggles because she knew that nobody else was gonna carry her to the goals she had, Helen didn't wait for no one not even on her disabilities because she found a way around them to. So, this person was through a lot in her life and it was amazing how she was able to get across all the adversity in her life and be successful, I will follow this because it is inspiring to my life because I have gone through struggles and still do but this person let me know that you only have to persevere and let no one tell you that you

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