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CC Melissa Caldon is a 34-year-old female here today to discuss anxiety and panic attacks. HPI The patient tells me she is under "extreme stress" for the last couple of months. She is having issues with her boyfriend. They signed a lease together in July and they are now having issues. She reports that there have been some verbal abusive situations, but never any physical abuse that has happened. She is working with her landlord to figure out what she can do with her lease, but currently they are still living together. There are time when he will leave the home to sleep elsewhere. She reports that she feels relatively safe in the home. She does have some numbers for some safe avenues. She has not spoken with the police. There is no…show more content…
We did talk about treatment options. I do think it is very important that she see psychiatry. I have left a message for Kaitlin Stephenson, her counselor, to return my call to assist her in scheduling psychiatry appointment as soon as possible. The patient gave verbal permission for this and she was called while she was in the office. Unfortunately, I had to leave a message and I will await her return call. She is also seeing Katlin tonight and will bring up this issue, if I have not already spoken with her. I do think it is going to be important for her to get him with psychiatry soon as possible. We discussed options with changing in her medications from the Wellbutrin to something else. For now, I am going to keep that the same in hopes that she will see psychiatry soon and that is how Melissa wanted to proceed, as well. I did write her for the clonazepam 1 mg one-half to one p.o. up to twice daily as needed #20 with no refills. I reviewed the use and side effects with that. She is not to drive with it. She will not use alcohol or any other sedating substances while taking the medication. I did review in New Hampshire Controlled Substance Database prior to the prescription. She will not use the lorazepam with the Klonopin and understands the potential for harm if she takes both. We will talk by phone once I have spoken with her counselor and/or I will see her in two weeks, depending on psychiatry follow

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