High School Football Quarterbacks

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In life we are constantly learning new things on a daily basis. The things that we learn are either positive or negative. The positivity can be considered as an achievement, the negativity can really effect us and be considered as failure. I have encountered many situations in my life that have been either positive or negative. But in my opinion, negativity always stands out the most, the feeling of failure has always stood out to me and has changed my life. One situation that is an example of failure that I have gone through is being a backup quarterback all throughout my high school football career. Some believe that this is the “best position in football” because of all the perks that come with it, but I have always strived for greatness…show more content…
I always found myself being inspired by guys like Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers because these guys started off there carriers as backup quarterbacks, were doubted almost everyday, but they found a way to overcome that adversity and become a pair of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game of football. Some may wonder “What is the role of the backup quarterback?” , “What does it feel like?”. The role of the backup quarterback is to always be prepared to go into the game because you never know when the starting quarterback is going to get hurt or has to come out of the game, I was always prepared and had to constantly bring positive thoughts into my head. Even if no one believed in me, I had to believe in myself . The feeling of being a backup quarterback for my high school was bitter-sweet, the “sweet” part was getting to tell people that I was a quarterback, which is appealing to many, the “bitter” part was knowing that I truly wasn’t happy in the position and wanted to be a starting quarterback. The things I learned from being a backup quarterback were that if I really want something bad enough , I had to work even harder to attain it, that applies to not only football, but life in

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