Advantages Of Working In A Group

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Working in a group can be a good or bad experience. There have been times in my academic career were I have yearned to work with others on an assignment. There has also been a time that I prefer to work alone. What I like best about working in a group is communicating with others and hearing their ideas. As a business major, DePaul requires students to take certain business core classes to earn a bachelor's degree. Some of the classes require students to work together. I assume the goal is for students to gain experience working with others, and introduces them to the corporate world environment by placing them in uncertain situations. As a group member were each required to put in the work by communication with each other, setting deadlines…show more content…
In our first group meeting, we were brainstorming ideas on how we wanted to present to the class. I suggested we create a short mini clip for the audience to watch of the company and including information about the company, another member suggested a PowerPoint, someone else suggested more of an interactive approach by giving the class a survey and asking them questions. My group came up with a lot of ideas on how to execute this assignment, which opened my eyes to ideas I originally didn't think about until it was brought up. Another reason why group work is good because being in a group further developed my communication skills with dealing with different personalities. In the real world, you're not always going to like your co-workers or boss, but I think it's essential to learn how to effectively communicate with different personalities. I think it's necessary for all students to experience group assignments at least one point in their academic life. Unless you live in isolation, you'll always be surrounded by people. It's important for individuals to know how to adapt to a different…show more content…
When I say "insufficient" I mean the lazy, non-hard working, never answers emails nor finishes their work on time individuals. As a well-organized person, I like to complete assignments on time, making sure I follow all the teachers guidelines because I want our group to achieve an A. It's frustrating and tiresome when I'm paired to work in a group were members aren't doing their work, not communicating with the group, and placing their workload on the others members. In the past, I have been put in a group where certain members didn't communicate and didn't do any of their work. So, I and another member had to do their part as a well as our own so our grade wouldn't suffer. Then when we tried to explain to the professor that it was unfair for that member to receive the same grade as the rest of the members of the group. The professor ignored our plea and gave credit to the entire group. Even to the group member that didn't contribute anything to the assignment. Another issue I have with working in groups is sometimes different personalities clash causing tension within the group. It's a similar issue that was stated in the Jigsaw articles about different personalities can disrupt the flow of the game. A dominant individual has the tendency to take over the group, while a slow thinker might have trouble with the pace of the group. They both can lead to progress in the group to slow

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