Vietnamese Coffee Case Study

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Dinh Duc Thanh Long – Individual Elements Is Starbucks having a good impact on the Vietnamese Coffee Industry? Now we have completed our projects, I would like to explain to you what we thought was good and what we would do differently next time. Since we started the project, we have learnt many things. We have found out about globalization, about Starbucks, about Vietnamese coffee, about economic and social changes and we have learned all about working in a group. Some parts of the project were easier than others, such as researching, but some parts were more difficult, like working with students from other schools. In my individual element, I would like to explain all the highs and lows of the project and hope that you can learn from…show more content…
For the Vietnamese people, Starbucks bring the new taste of coffee to Vietnamese people, but there is one disadvantage - the price of Starbucks ’s coffee is too high, higher than a salary of an officer working hard in one day. About the Vietnamese Coffee Industry, Starbucks made lots of independent coffee shop revenue went down, because lots of small independent coffee shop can not survive when a big popular company like Starbucks appeared near their place. And also, lots of coffee drinker taste too many Starbucks coffee and forgot about their own country coffee. Luckily, there is one advantage that Starbucks always buy a large amount of coffee beans, so the farmer have more money to grow more coffee, or they can grow a better kind of coffee for Starbucks, and also for some other shops as well. As we can see in the graph, farmers decided to buy more Arabica coffee beans than Robusta, because as I know, Arabica have better taste than Robusta .So, we can see that Starbucks have both good and bad effects to Vietnamese people and Vietnamese Coffee Industry. I think my team have quite good conclusion, we has been research for lots of things, so we have enough knowledge to know what we’re writing about. But it was a little bit hard to write the conclusion because the answer is not so clear. For the outcome, as I said before, Starbucks have…show more content…
Well, it’s not so much for me, but at least I’ve try my best for this group project. What I see when we working with a group is that you can do less work than you do the project alone, and you also can hear a lot of different ideas, and choose the best for your project to achieve the top grade. And after this group project, I learned how to listen to another people for the best idea. The good thing about group work is we can share our work, and everything is going to be easier for us than we do this by our self. And the bad thing is sometime,we might disagree with the other person idea, then it can lead to a fight between the people in the group. I can see that students form another country have a different look about the effect of big company and independent shop. And they also have lots of positive things that we should learn about them, like the culture, the modern learning way,... I think it quite hard to work with other students from another country if we don’t have someone that reliable to them, because they might think that we are bad guys because we just can’t appear and ask them question. I enjoyed research on new things, know more about the world and another country’s people vision, what they think about world’s

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