Wildlife Biologist Career

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Can you imagine a world with no animals? Wildlife Biologists are scientists who save the world from losing animals (Wildlife Biologist, 2014). Whether it is studying the environment or being hands on with the animals, a wildlife biologist will make sure animals and humans are safe (Wildlife Biologist, 2014). Wildlife biologists’ job duties consist of making experiments, studying their experiments, and sharing their knowledge with the world. Wildlife biologists do not only help animals; they help humans by analyzing animal living habits (Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist, 2014). For example, if a house has problems with unwanted animals, wildlife biologists will be able to discover the issue of why they are coming into that home (Wildlife Biologist,…show more content…
In order to receive an entry-level job, a bachelor’s degree in an environmental science related field, biology, zoology, animal science, forestry, is needed (Maus, 2014). A bachelor’s degree will be able to start a career; however, many organizations are beginning to require master’s degrees (Maus, 2014). Also, in order to be a professor, a doctorate is recommended; however, a doctorate degree is not necessary for laboratory workers as it will actually decrease the opportunity of receiving a job due to lack of funding (Wildlife Biologist, 2014). Even after all the college experience, the job requires a lot of on-the-job training. In order to advance as a wildlife biologist, working the way up the ladder of command is the most affective process (Maus, 2014). The better, high rated position will be given to the individuals with the most job experience. The unique personality and education required causes many to pursue a different career path (Maus,…show more content…
The yearly salary can range anywhere from 35,660 dollars to more than 93,470 dollars per year (Wildlife Biologist, 2014). On average, the normal wildlife biologist made 61,660 dollars per year. The total salary is extremely nice; however, the more experience, the more pay the employee will receive (Wildlife Biologist, 2014). If hired right out of college with a bachelor’s degree, the beginning pay tends to be 35,000 dollars per year. The job outlook is supposed to rise 13 percent by 2018, so the lower salary estimation should be realistic (Wildlife Biologist, 2014). There is an estimation of about 2,000 positions opening; however, it depends on whether or not funding is available (Wildlife Biologist,

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