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What is stand Up paddleboard? SUP, also referred to as stand up paddle surfing or SUP is a relatively new watersport and continues to gain in popularity. It is, as the name suggests, an activity where you stand upright on a surfboard and use a long paddle to move about on top of the water. It can be practiced on calm waters, challenging waves and everything in between. Read on to learn more about how this sport came to be, and what equipment you need to do it. The SUP originated from the Hawaiian beach boys sometime in the 1950's. They would stand up on their old thick surfboards, paddling it with a canoe paddle in order to take pictures of the tourists that they were teaching to surf. Moving forward from the 60's SUP has been adopted by athletes looking for a good…show more content…
There is a specific way to use the paddle for maximum efficiency. The surfer/rider will learn this from experience after getting the initial instruction from their instructor. SUPs allow the rider to be above the water and have a good view of the surroundings above and below the water. If you want to see the fish or the underwater terrain, this is a great way to go. The SUP requires good balance, but most people will find them relatively easy to ride and will bring the riders a lot of fun and a feeling of success. You can ride the SUPs in most bodies of water, including lakes, rivers, bays, and oceans. You will find them all over the country. The SUP type surfboard has taken surfboards out of the ocean and into the interior bodies of water. SUP Equipment The main piece of equipment required for SUP is the board itself. It is possible to use a regular surfboard but it's recommended to get your hands on a board made specifically for SUP. These boards tend to be longer, wider and offer more stability. They usually feature a foam core, surrounded by an epoxy resin. More recently, even inflatable boards have made their way onto the

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